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Sandy's Testimonial

Dear Dr. Teimoori,


     I want to take this time to extend my utmost appreciation to you for allowing me the opportunity to experience the growth that has resulted in some major changes in my life. In thinking back to when I first came to you, I was so distraught and blinded by my situation at that time that I needed someone to help me cut through the "brush" in my life. It was painful and hard but through that experience I was able to set my priorities and start a new path in life.


     Since then I have made some major changes in my life with regards to my family, living situation, relationships and professional career, all for the better. Different but better!! You know me to be a spiritual and religious person and I believe wholeheartedly that God gives us what we need not necessarily what we want. With my faith in him and in therapy I was able to create for myself a way that is positive. I believe I have gained the strength to be focused in order to get me through these next couple of years in school.


     I have enjoyed and looked forward to our sessions. I normally do not have a hard time with separation as I usually don't allow myself to get overly involved with someone, however I will miss you. Most of all I think I will miss the laughter and feeling so optimistic about my life when I would walk out of here.


     I will not say goodbye for my instincts tell me that we will meet again and perhaps under different conditions. I know that our paths will cross again at some point and I look forward to that. Dr. Teimoori thank you again and I wish you the best of luck in your lifetime endeavors.



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