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Mimi's Testimonial

     Dr. Teimoori has been my therapist, mentor and friend for the past four years. Her compassionate and caring nature guided me through many difficult and depressing times during the course of my treatment. Her knowledge and expertise assisted me in dealing with deep wounds and overcoming the problems that had made my life miserable for several years. The fact that we are both from Iran was instrumental in understanding my background and connecting with me.


     I am an incest survivor, a victim of sexual abuse in the most impressionable years of my adolescent life. In the closed, traditional Iranian culture, most women in my situation live with the dirty secret, guilt, and shame all their life and eventually take the secret to their grave. I feel very fortunate that I had the chance to finally get it off my chest and relieve myself from the shameful secret. That was definitely the first and the most important step in my recovery. The next step was dealing with the problem and resolving it. That's when I was faced with the need to find a therapist, after going through a few therapist I met Dr. Teimoori. She has a gift of diagnosing the problems aggressively and treating them radically. With her extraordinary abilities, she helped me with facing my problems constructively and confronting the individuals who were responsible for it. I also was able to forgive myself and the people who hurt me deeply. During my treatment there were times that the science of psychology couldn't explain the reason for my suffering. She used her spiritual belief to help me come to terms with my past and find inner peace and tranquility.


     The presence of Dr. Teimoori in my life has been a life altering experience. With her guidance and caring, I was able to put my painful past behind and start a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.





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