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Meg's Testimonial

Dear Dr. Teimoori,


     I am writing this letter to thank you for all that you have helped me accomplish through our therapy sessions together. I no longer am a depressed person, riddled with anxiety letting my circumstances in life get the best of me. I was able to make the best out of a difficult job, get some clarity on my career path and develop a strong foundation for my marriage.


     While I did work with a therapist in Denver before moving to California, only now do I understand how incredibly important it is to feel a connection with the person to whom you are divulging your entire life's history and trusting with your innermost self. I believe that you were always one-hundred percent present during our sessions and that you had genuine concern for my well-being.


     My previous therapist helped to sort of bandage me up by helping me stop the disordered eating behavior, but you have given me the tools to face new challenges with strength, confidence and optimism. Furthermore, you have awakened in me a sense of spirituality that had been given up on long ago.


     I will truly miss your insights and advice and am grateful to have worked with you for the past 18 months. I wish I could convince you to move to New York!


Best Regards,



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