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Hurt feelings and unresolved conflicts can get "stuffed" into your subconscious for many years. As far as you can tell, they have disappeared; you may rarely, if ever, be aware of painful incidents or feelings from your childhood affecting your day to day experience. Eventually, however, the chronic stress of unresolved emotional hurts can contribute to serious health problems (such as cancer, ulcers, hypertension and heart disease), career and job conflicts, marital problems and reduced vitality. You can assume that hidden resentments may be festering inside if you:

  • Feel like getting back at or telling off your boss
  • Sometimes lose your temper over a small matter and say things you later wish you hadn't said
  • Get bogged down in frequent fights, disagreements, struggles for control and feelings of distrust with your spouse or lover
  • Feel left out, overlooked, unappreciated or taken for granted at home or at work
  • Suffer from frequent headaches, neck aches, backaches, stomach aches or other bodily aches and pains
  • Have a weight problem or go on eating binges when you are emotionally upset
  • Dread having to call, write or visit your parents
  • Still compare yourself and compete with one of your brothers or sisters
  • Poke fun at or make spiteful comments about those you love
  • Frequently feel disappointed by or bitter about your family, work, the world, life, God, other people
  • Feel your parents never showed their love for you
  • Try to make others feel sorry for you
  • Feel like you are frequently holding back anger from your spouse, lover, family, friends or children
  • Feel restricted in expressing your love for your spouse and family




Whatever your age, to become a fulfilled and successful person, you must derive the issues in your life that derive from your relationship with your parents (whether they are alive or not). To begin exploring your need for Making Peace with Your Parents, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you free of regrets and resentments from your childhood?
  • Are you able to recognize when you are angry in the present as a result of a resentment or unresolved hurt from your childhood?
  • Can you trust your parents and confide in them?
  • Do you feel free of the expectations and obligations of others?
  • Can you make a mistake without excessive self-criticism?
  • Are you able to express anger effectively without turning it inward or reacting with blind rage?
  • Are you good at both nurturing yourself emotionally and supporting yourself materially?
  • Are you comfortable with your sexuality?
  • Do you work well with bosses, teachers, landlords and other authority figures?
  • Are you free from paralyzing fears of rejection, disapproval or abandonment?
  • Have you overcome your fears of being trapped by a committed love relationship or marriage?
  • Are you free from excessive striving and unrealistic expectations that make you a slave to your work?
  • Are you good at setting limits for people who impose upon you?
  • Do you and your spouse or lover work through your arguments without blaming or holding on to resentments?
  • Do you and your spouse or lover work through your arguments without blaming or holding on to resentments?
  • Do you appreciate and love yourself fully?
  • Do you feel fulfilled by your current home environment and family life?