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Gina's Testimonial

Dear Dr. Teimoori
     The day I faced a terrible life crisis in April of 2006, I left voice messages to three doctors asking for help. The only caring person who returned my call was Dr. Teimoori. I believe the opportunity you gave me to meet with you that terrible day was truly a blessing for my son and me.
     Dr. Teimoori, you were there for us when everything around me crumbled, when the trust and strength were gone, when the tears could not let me see the road ahead. You have provided valuable guidance to keep me focused on what is really important in my life. I can say that your soothing voice and pleasant personality have made our walk through very rocky paths, more bearable.
     I look back at those terrible days and I realize how much we have grown and accomplished. I'm still working on some issues but I'm proud of myself and so thankful for helping hearts like yours.
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