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Francis's Testimonial

20 February 2009

I would recommend Dr. Teimoori as a therapist because she is genuinely interested in the client and is able to meet the client right where they are. She has a warm sense of intuition and she is ready to relay her input and is not afraid to confront with the truth as she sees it. She also has a great deal of empathy, and this enables her to reach into the heart of a person and identify the hurt, confusion, pattern, or whatever she sees as the problem. Though she is a cognitive/behavioral therapist, she grasps the importance of psychodynamic therapy as it relates to origins of emotional issues. It is of utmost importance to me that Dr. Teimoori is a Spirit-filled Christian, as this is an important part of my life that is a backdrop for any healing I experience. She realizes that God's power is ultimately at work between client and therapist. For these reasons, I am very grateful that, after much prayer, God led me to Dr. Teimoori.

~ Francis L.
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