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Bob's Testimonial


      In June 2006 I started seeing Dr. Teimoori. This was due to a lack of satisfaction with my work and an increasing level of anger and frustration over small, mostly irrelevant issues. I found it harder to keep little annoyances from becoming big problems. I was much less passionate about my job and quit because I didn't have the energy to face the problems encountered at work.


     Over the next few months I had time to reflect on my life and, with Dr. Teimoori's assistance and support, was able to see other possibilities for my direction in the future. Dr. Teimoori helped me better understand how my expectations of others were setting me up for disappointment and taught me to look within for change.


     This period of transition in my life hasn't been easy, but with Dr. Teimoori's support I've started pursuing a career in which I have a passion, and I feel more positive about the future and the possibilities that lie ahead.



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